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2009-11-29 22:42:53 by KlazikNadi

Alright, I picked a the Snowball Blue microphone a couple weeks ago. So any thoughts on tracks you think I should re-record? If so, lemme know


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2009-12-02 14:31:55

The snowball is a pain to master on Audacity so be aware. I have one song on my page done with that mic. Its a good mic don't get me wrong, but its just a pain to master.

KlazikNadi responds:

Yea it is kinda a pain. I was pissed at first, but I noticed if you compress your audio and then equalize it sounds much better. Which track did ya use the snowball blue on?


2009-12-09 01:04:11

I did this one song called "One More Step". I didn't like the end product though, it could have been better. And I just got my mic back from a friend, and I just been freestyling like crazy on that mic... I think this mic will be spitting like me in a few days.

KlazikNadi responds:

haha...Ill check out that track.


2009-12-10 10:26:51

Don't redo any. Just continue to make new music. Exercise those creative muscles.

KlazikNadi responds:

ugh....its hard to respit off beat lyrics anyways.


2009-12-13 18:57:06

Mickey said it best, Just work on new material if you have the time. Maybe if there are songs that you personaly enjoy a whole lot, or you feel like people need to hear it in all it's glory, then those you should re-record and mix.


2009-12-14 01:06:24

good improvement but a big waste of your money, those mics r used for pod cast return it if you can and ill help you pick out better shit, trust me i know what im talkin bout


2009-12-16 09:37:44

I see you commented on my song... how dare you see the forbidden song! lol, I'll take your advice, thanks.


2009-12-20 09:42:56

The Snowball is awesome. I'm gonna get the Yeti soon, which is one version up.

Can you tell more about exactly what you have to do in Audacity? I read your earlier comment and didn't quite understand.


2010-01-07 14:28:23

i aint no microphone genius or nuthin..but im usin a Sterling ST-77 and it gives me no problems, got a vocal preamp already in the bitch..Dont kno shit about the Snowball Blue microphone but i DO kno we need to collab aaHA get at me~1~