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Save the Princess!!

2010-05-19 21:51:53 by KlazikNadi

Hey check out Mickey and Klaziks "video game track of the decade". Titled "Save the Princess" and produced by newgrounds Bojangles... Its about our ventures to save the two most remembered video game princesses of all time! Alltime I tell ya! haha well check it out

<a> ten/314707<a>

btw this will prolly be the last time I post a notice about appearing on the Best Tracks of Alltime Chart; 3 times is plenty enough. Thanks for the support and votes! Hopefully we can make it happen again!

Artists Pages:

MickeyMao: <a><a>
Bojangles: <a>

Save the Princess!!


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2010-05-19 21:53:24


KlazikNadi responds:

yea boi!!


2010-06-10 13:47:26

Thats an achievment man, congrats!

KlazikNadi responds:

thanks man...the techno and other music genre fans helped this track pull through. props to them as well!


2010-08-17 08:40:07