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Time for a new post

2010-08-19 11:26:03 by KlazikNadi

Nothing too new to post about. Expect some slick tracks soon. Thinking to get a mixtape out there. Id say I have about 10 or so tracks sitting around. I could probably snag a couple uploaded tracks from NG for it too, but I dunno..Some friends have been asking about it recently, so mabye Ill broaden my horizons a bit. Actually, now that Im writing this, if ya know how to make album covers let me know. I have a friend that is going to get on it, but ya know how stuff comes up sometimes.

If your a fan and reading this, thanks for the support! I have a couple tracks that have surpassed my expectations of them. For instance a couple of my tracks have past 250 downloads and other, numerous tracks that Ive featured on have had mad respect! Props to the interest, downloading and occasional reviews. Appreciated!

Well thats it from me. Leave a comment if ya have something.

Over and out...

Time for a new post


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2010-08-24 19:37:47

Gimme an idea and I could do an album cover.


2010-09-23 18:25:25

My dude, I could give it a shot making you an album cover.
I'm not a professional, but I know a thing or two.
Hit me up with a concept and some graphics that you want me to use (like a pic of you) and I'll get to work!


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