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Mixtape in progress

2012-05-24 16:49:49 by KlazikNadi

Whats good everyone! I am pretty happy with last years mixtape results! With that said, a follow up, currently untitled mixtape is in the works! So far I have about 8 tracks and a handful to record. Which ones will make the cut? Expect something Fall 2012. Any ways, thanks to everyone for the years of support and special thanks to all who participated in the creation of my last tape! This next tape is going to be quality, elevation and all that good stuff!


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2012-05-25 12:31:24

Hell yeah. The last one was fire. I still play it from time to time.


2012-06-23 02:05:46

WOO! :)


2013-01-25 17:00:09

I'm so late.